Google Not Provided Keywords

authoritylabsSo I don’t write much on this site about work, but I’m pretty excited about a new tool I’ve found so I want to share it.

For those who have been using Google Analytics to track traffic to your website or blog you have no doubt seen that Google doesn’t show you most of the keywords that bring traffic to your site like they used to.

That’s a huge pain, because if you don’t know what keywords are driving traffic to your site, how can you find opportunities to improve on those rankings to get more traffic?

Well I found a solution and wrote a quick writeup about how to get my Google Analytics Keyword Not Provided back using a tool from Authority Labs.

If you are into online marketing or just want to monitor where your business stands on keywords, I highly recommend you give their Free 30 day Trial a test.

You might also want to watch this quick Authority labs review video.

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