SEO Hero

Strong Superhero Businessman SEO ConceptsWix announced a SEO contest which amounts to seeing who can rank the best for the term “seo hero” in Google. The winner will get $50,000.

Now that would go a really, really long way to helping me achieve some life dreams, so I have decided to give it a shot. Here is my link builder SEO website that I am competing with. There is no limit to having more than one website in the contest, so naturally I am doing another seo hero website for a better shot at it.

If anyone has places to add links, that would be very much appreciated.

Moving to Da Islans

Life on a Rock
I’ve been jonesing to move to a tropical island for the better part of, well as long as I can remember. I am working really hard to see if I can make 2016 the year that I get it all set up, ready to move if not land my feet on a rock somewhere.

In preparation for this big life change, I’m starting a new blog specifically to the process – as I learn about it during the course of trying – of moving and living on this tropical island. Come check it out at Life on a Rock and please don’t be shy in commenting.

I’d love to hear from you.

Time to Start Traveling Again

hotel-dog-bedWell, Hopper has been adopted. I get to borrow her for this coming weekend, but after that she’s going to be living with her new family. They seem wonderful, and one of my friends who knows them says they’ll take wonderful care of her. I know they will. It’s bittersweet. I will miss her dearly. Every day she put a big smile on my face, multiple times a day by just being her. Cute, cuddly and wonderful.

Now I just have Bailey, my first dog. Its been a different road for sure and I didn’t think I would end up with just me and Bailey at the end. Well, Bailey and I are going to start traveling more, thanks to the ever increasing ease of finding a pet friendly hotel chain. When she goes to Heaven, I’m going to spend some time extended traveling. Thailand, Hawaii, Argentina, Caribbean, Central America are on the list. Who knows, I may end up spending some time living in one of those spots.

I’ve even got some new adventurous luggage to help get me geared up that I bought to go visit some of the resorts on St John here in a couple weeks. Just looking at them is getting the travel bug feeding on a regular basis since one of the bags is also my dual-purpose backpack for hauling my computer around.

Photo: Sarah Ackerman

Jonesin’ for a Panga


So, I’ve been running around in a couple boats over the last few years down here in Florida but none of them has ever been really perfect for what I have wanted to do, which is a bit of offshore fishing and a bit of inshore fishing. There really is no “perfect” boat but it seems like many of the dual purpose boats are really not great at either.

Enter the Panga Boat. It was designed by Yamaha decades ago to be a very light and agile boat that has a shallow draft yet very capable offshore. There’s a video of a 25 foot boat in 6′ waves. This is driven by a tiller engine (hand control) from the back of the boat. Amazing.

AND, it will float in 6 in of water. Now as you get more equipment and gear on them, they will weigh down but the whole purpose is to keep them light, so you can load them up with massive amounts of fish you catch.

I’d love to get one of these if I can find a reasonable priced Panga for sale with a pair of Yamaha’s on the back so I can start venturing offshore more.

Where To Go Next?

I just added a new page to the site called where next, you’ll see it on the top navigation bar across the site. It’s not meant to be a route map of where to go, or even a definitive list of where to go, but just some pins I’ve been throwing on a map to keep track of specific recommendations of places to check out or places that I’ve wanted to go explore for some time.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or fill out the contact form on the about page.