Where To Go Next?

I just added a new page to the site called where next, you’ll see it on the top navigation bar across the site. It’s not meant to be a route map of where to go, or even a definitive list of where to go, but just some pins I’ve been throwing on a map to keep track of specific recommendations of places to check out or places that I’ve wanted to go explore for some time.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or fill out the contact form on the about page.

One thought on “Where To Go Next?”

  1. If you head for Austin from the West consider Marfa and Alpine Texas. Also try and get to Big Bend if you have some extra exploring time…Rusty

    Also Taos NM is very cool. If you ever end up in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area I have family there (the guy with the 3/4 ton pickup and a zillion tools).

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