SEO Hero

Strong Superhero Businessman SEO ConceptsWix announced a SEO contest which amounts to seeing who can rank the best for the term “seo hero” in Google. The winner will get $50,000.

Now that would go a really, really long way to helping me achieve some life dreams, so I have decided to give it a shot. Here is my link builder SEO website that I am competing with. There is no limit to having more than one website in the contest, so naturally I am doing another seo hero website for a better shot at it.

If anyone has places to add links, that would be very much appreciated.

Bridget for Peoria? Why I wouldn’t vote for Bridget Binsbacher!

Bridget Binsbacher

As Peoria city council elections are heating up again, I just have to take a stand against Bridget Binsbacher. While she acts so smooth and polished in her online videos and what she says, it is becoming more and more clear to me that she is just another RINO who is in the pocket of special interests. She seems just like another slimy Clinton to me.

According to public records that I found links to from this site, it appears she’s not quit her taxpayer funded $80k a year (or whatever it is) job as she said she would if elected. Self serving much? She’s voted to increase spending and taxes, given jobs to the family members of her campaign personnel, and taken donations from special interests.

While this doesn’t surprise me of someone who is a professional politician, it disgusts me! I only wish that more people in Peoria knew about what she has done to put herself first, along with the other corrupt members in local government. It’s time to vote them all OUT!

Photo credit: I found this great pic on a Bridget Binsbacher Voted Out of Office Facebook Group.

Moving to Da Islans

Life on a Rock
I’ve been jonesing to move to a tropical island for the better part of, well as long as I can remember. I am working really hard to see if I can make 2016 the year that I get it all set up, ready to move if not land my feet on a rock somewhere.

In preparation for this big life change, I’m starting a new blog specifically to the process – as I learn about it during the course of trying – of moving and living on this tropical island. Come check it out at Life on a Rock and please don’t be shy in commenting.

I’d love to hear from you.

Trip to Elbow Cay, Bahamas

I just got back from a long weekend in Elbow Cay, Bahamas and I LOVED IT! Carrie booked the trip as a surprise and I have to say it’s about the best surprise I have ever gotten.

Elbow Cay is a small island that has a number of nice Atlantic beaches, along with some on the Sea of Abaco, like the one pictured. The occupants are primarily business owners, seasonal residents and a few locals.

In order to get to Elbow Cay, we had to book flights to Marsh Harbour, take a cab to the ferry terminal (but you could rent a boat) and take one of the ferries across.


This is really my type of place. People’s dogs are free to roam around however they want, there aren’t many cars – mostly just golf carts, and nearly everyone is friendly, waves and says hello. Did I mention it’s in The Bahamas where the water and beaches are incredible?!

I want to move here.

Google Not Provided Keywords

authoritylabsSo I don’t write much on this site about work, but I’m pretty excited about a new tool I’ve found so I want to share it.

For those who have been using Google Analytics to track traffic to your website or blog you have no doubt seen that Google doesn’t show you most of the keywords that bring traffic to your site like they used to.

That’s a huge pain, because if you don’t know what keywords are driving traffic to your site, how can you find opportunities to improve on those rankings to get more traffic?

Well I found a solution and wrote a quick writeup about how to get my Google Analytics Keyword Not Provided back using a tool from Authority Labs.

If you are into online marketing or just want to monitor where your business stands on keywords, I highly recommend you give their Free 30 day Trial a test.

You might also want to watch this quick Authority labs review video.

Time to Start Traveling Again

hotel-dog-bedWell, Hopper has been adopted. I get to borrow her for this coming weekend, but after that she’s going to be living with her new family. They seem wonderful, and one of my friends who knows them says they’ll take wonderful care of her. I know they will. It’s bittersweet. I will miss her dearly. Every day she put a big smile on my face, multiple times a day by just being her. Cute, cuddly and wonderful.

Now I just have Bailey, my first dog. Its been a different road for sure and I didn’t think I would end up with just me and Bailey at the end. Well, Bailey and I are going to start traveling more, thanks to the ever increasing ease of finding a pet friendly hotel chain. When she goes to Heaven, I’m going to spend some time extended traveling. Thailand, Hawaii, Argentina, Caribbean, Central America are on the list. Who knows, I may end up spending some time living in one of those spots.

I’ve even got some new adventurous luggage to help get me geared up that I bought to go visit some of the resorts on St John here in a couple weeks. Just looking at them is getting the travel bug feeding on a regular basis since one of the bags is also my dual-purpose backpack for hauling my computer around.

Photo: Sarah Ackerman

Elbow Cay on the Bucket List

elbow-cay-aerialPhoto: I Love Hopetown

I’ve been thinking about visiting the Bahamas ever since I crossed over the Florida line. The thought of all these little islands – habited and uninhabited – that one can boat around and explore, along with friendly people and quaint island accommodations really fits my style.

Elbow Cay was recommended as a great place to visit that matches that description. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t blame yourself. I never heard of it either. Its a 6 mile long barrier island to Great Abaco, in the Abaco (surprise!) island group in the Bahamas. No cars, just golf carts and boat. And plenty of rum.

Now, when I was looking at the Elbow Cay hotels, that really cramped my style. They’re pricy. Off season is $150 per night for very basic with the average room being $250-300 per night for a decent place. That’s a bit steep for me lately. They have vacation rentals that are called “cottages” but they’re even more expensive.

So, for now Elbow Cay is on the bucket list until I find someone who’ll trade me a room on a work-exchange.