Time to Start Traveling Again

hotel-dog-bedWell, Hopper has been adopted. I get to borrow her for this coming weekend, but after that she’s going to be living with her new family. They seem wonderful, and one of my friends who knows them says they’ll take wonderful care of her. I know they will. It’s bittersweet. I will miss her dearly. Every day she put a big smile on my face, multiple times a day by just being her. Cute, cuddly and wonderful.

Now I just have Bailey, my first dog. Its been a different road for sure and I didn’t think I would end up with just me and Bailey at the end. Well, Bailey and I are going to start traveling more, thanks to the ever increasing ease of finding a pet friendly hotel chain. When she goes to Heaven, I’m going to spend some time extended traveling. Thailand, Hawaii, Argentina, Caribbean, Central America are on the list. Who knows, I may end up spending some time living in one of those spots.

I’ve even got some new adventurous luggage to help get me geared up that I bought to go visit some of the resorts on St John here in a couple weeks. Just looking at them is getting the travel bug feeding on a regular basis since one of the bags is also my dual-purpose backpack for hauling my computer around.

Photo: Sarah Ackerman

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