Elbow Cay on the Bucket List

elbow-cay-aerialPhoto: I Love Hopetown

I’ve been thinking about visiting the Bahamas ever since I crossed over the Florida line. The thought of all these little islands – habited and uninhabited – that one can boat around and explore, along with friendly people and quaint island accommodations really fits my style.

Elbow Cay was recommended as a great place to visit that matches that description. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t blame yourself. I never heard of it either. Its a 6 mile long barrier island to Great Abaco, in the Abaco (surprise!) island group in the Bahamas. No cars, just golf carts and boat. And plenty of rum.

Now, when I was looking at the Elbow Cay hotels, that really cramped my style. They’re pricy. Off season is $150 per night for very basic with the average room being $250-300 per night for a decent place. That’s a bit steep for me lately. They have vacation rentals that are called “cottages” but they’re even more expensive.

So, for now Elbow Cay is on the bucket list until I find someone who’ll trade me a room on a work-exchange.

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