Voyager RV Park in Tucson, Arizona

We stayed at the Voyager RV Park in Tucson, Arizona after our well below freezing stay in Bisbee and accompanying sucky border town experience. We had a couple days left on our week in Bisbee, and had planned to head east afterwards but the winter weather hitting the entire country wasn’t motivating us too much, so we just headed back to Tucson for a couple nights to get some above freezing weather (at least during the day) while we waited for the storm to dissipate.

Voyager RV Park is a city of it’s own. When you pull in, there is a guard shack that you have to either show your pass at or let them know you’re registering and they will direct you where to go. We pulled in next to the office, got registered and then they require that a guard escorts you back to your site. I know some people think this is a perk, but for me it’s more of a nuisance since I can read the simple map they give you when you register, know how to back up my trailer, and don’t want to have to wait for the escort to arrive which almost always takes 5 minutes or more. I was cold, frustrated and grumpy!

The spots are all gravel in a raised ‘bed’ with paved streets, rolling curbs and a concrete patio pad. The rate was like $44 per night including their ‘resort fee’ which I wasn’t too happy with being used to having the 50% Passport America discount or finding a place around $27 per night almost everywhere else but I was just happy to not have to run 4 heaters and be able to walk outside during the day, so we accepted this as the price of luxury.

There are numerous tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, laundry facilites and their own restaurant, store and bar on site. Store prices were actually reasonable, maybe about 10-15% more than at the local grocery. The food at the restaurant was terrible, your typical Chef Gordon Ramsay would cuss out the owner on Kitchen Nightmares frozen then microwaved variety, but we stomached some nacho’s with fake cheese and watched the live music that wasn’t all that bad although they pretty much sang Frank Sinatra type of music. The next night was Karaoke night which was entertaining like any other Karaoke place where you get the bad that know they’re bad, the bad that think they’re good, and the good that think they should have been professional and the rest of us should be super appreciative to hear them sing.

We didn’t take pictures of the amenities, but here are a few of the space we stayed in, plus the restaurant, bar, and the music being set up:

4 thoughts on “Voyager RV Park in Tucson, Arizona”

  1. Do you take passport america?? If so what is your regular rate and what is the rate with out passport america?

    Thanks Donna

    If I am a passport america member is there certain nights we can stay and certain nights we can not stay?

  2. They say they take Passport (they are listed on the passport america website), but we never found out because they don’t answer their phone. I tried twice, on 2 different days. I even left a message – no response yet, over 24 hours later. So we passed them by and plan to stay at Cactus Country just 5 miles east. They answered on the first ring and were very nice! Also passport.

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