Airstream LED Lights

I’ve been reading a bit on about LED lights that would work in the Airstream and decided I would order a set from since they were active on the forums, had comprehensive info about the product and their price was competitive. Turns out that Dan, (presumably owner, I get the feel it’s a small family business) provided great customer service too. A real-life reputable business?! Can it be?

Anyway, so I started installing the lights and it’s pretty simple:

  1. Pop off the cover – this is the hardest part and my fingernails were killing me after – and if you’re smart use a plastic putty knife like I didn’t.
  2. Take the old G4 Halogen bulb out. I used my shirt sleeve so I wouldn’t cover it with the oil from my fingers since my bulbs are still working and I’m going to relocate them to areas where I have burnt out ones.
  3. Put in the LED wafer chip. The contacts are really fragile (I broke one!) so be careful when putting them in.
  4. Test the lights to make sure they all work before you put the covers back on. If everything works, snap the covers on and you’re done.

I changed out all the lights for the main “ceiling” switch and then the galley plus bathroom. I figured this would be the 3 that we use the most, and those can now be run at about 90% of the power previously required. Except for the bath, cause that’s where I broke the one and need to get one more to make it full LED.

Here’s some pictures that show the things in action.

Only LED Ceiling Lights On. Every bit as bright as before.
Halogen G4 Bulb
12 LED Warm White Bulb
Panel in Shower Fixture
Shower Light. Cool white would be a better option here I think.
Guess which is the LED?
How they're shipped

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    1. Deke, I am trying to find a different source for the LED Pad with 24 warm white super flex LEDs 1156 (BA15S) socket. Airstream has them for $14.95 each with a BAR CODE 70541 57769. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Sonny

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