Indian Wells RV Resort in Indio, CA

Indian Wells RV Resort has been one of our favorite spots so far. The location in Indio is very close to everything you would need. By close I mean California-I-drive-everywhere close, not the urban I-walk-everywhere close. We walked to a lot of places, but the blocks are like 1/4 mile long or even more, so it feels like you go no-where very slowly. However, Starbucks and a couple other places are right down the street so they’re about a normal walking block or two away.

There’s a bunch of photos below too, mostly nuts and bolts types of photos of the resort itself. We’ll be posting another set showing the stuff around Indio outside the resort.

The staff at Indian Wells RV Resort were very friendly and accommodating. We signed up for Passport America on the day we got there and they honored the discount immediately for the week. That was a really good deal for us. They also had a LOT of events and stuff going on all the time. Chicken Wings contest, hamburgers once a week, bingo all the time, etc. We didn’t go to any events, but those who wanted to could be occupied a lot.

I think my favorite part about is that they pick up the garbage from your lot every day if you have  your bag ‘at the curb’ by 11am and they will sort your recycling out for you too, but that you have to drop off by the gate to the storage / overflow area yourself.

The park itself is about 50/50 split between RV’s and single wide mobiles that are more or less permanently fixed to the spot. These are commingled throughout the grounds. That sounds worse than it is, as most are in very good condition even if they are older. So there’s quite a few residents that are either full time or part time here, and we talked to a lot of people who come here year after year and it’s easy to see why.

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