Driving to the Grand Canyon

I passed on the trip to the Grand Canyon – again – but here are some pictures that The Girl took when she went while we were in Sedona. I’ve drive within 2 hours of it something like 10 times or more but never really had the desire to go check it out. Sure, it looks amazing in pictures, but I just don’t feel the need to drive 4-5 in a day just hours to look at something for a little bit and then head right back. One of these days when we have more time and plan to stay and camp for a few days, I’ll get to see it in person. In the mean time I’ll just look at some of these photos.

5 thoughts on “Driving to the Grand Canyon”

  1. I agree, driving so far just to look may not be fune but you can do what we did and that is hike down to the bottome and stay overnight at Phantom Ranch…..I will never forget standing at the bottom, looking up at a visual mile and wondering how we were ever going to get out…..but we did…one step at a time……it was a remarkable adventure…..go for it!!!

    1. Paula that sounds like fun! I didn’t know there was a place to stay at the bottom but have heard of people camping and hiking in the summer time. It’s been awful cold there in the nights lately thought.

      1. It is not as cold at the bottom of the canyon..(more like 70’s when there is snow on top)…remember it is a mile deeper…..besides the cabins and dorms at Phantom Ranch are heated. We made the trip down in February and June…..I think February is the best time…..The days are short so you can go to bed early because you will be tired from the trip down. Also, it is not as crowded and it isn’t as hot hiking out…..just a thought. You can buy dinner and breakfast at Phantom Ranch and they will pack you a lunch for the trip out. p

  2. I meant to say “fun” not fune and “bottom” not bottome–oops-that’s what I get for not proofing carefully. p

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