Cactus Country RV Park in Tucson, Arizona

After Sedona we stopped in Tucson and stayed at the Cactus Country RV Park for 2 days (photos at the bottom of this post) and one day in a Holiday Inn. Tucson kinda didn’t impress me at all. It was just like Phoenix except not nearly as nice. I’ve been there once before, in a nicer part of town but even that time it wasn’t great.

We would have gotten on the road much quicker, but the Airstream was in for service at the only dealer in Arizona, and if we would have moved on then the next dealer choice on our route is in Texas which would have been a long way. Turns out it was a good thing we had this appointment. On our way from the RV park to the dealer which was about 12 miles away, the rear cabinet above the bed decided it was done hanging on for dear life to the 2 (only 2!) screws holding the bottom of it in place and jumped on to the bed. We got it fixed, along with some routine service, a new vent fan cover so we can have the fan open even if it’s raining, fixed the toilet so the bowl seal holds water and some other misc things. Instead of pulling the trailer back & forth for the night so we could stay in it, we just opted to find a hotel. Lucky for us there was some gem show (I’m talking bead type gems, not where Tom Shane buys his diamonds directly from the supplier) so even the budget hotels that are normally $49/night were up to $150 or so.

Cactus Country RV Park is nothing special. It’s out in the desert SE of Tucson about 8 miles on I-10. They are surrounded by desert, yet the spots are quite close. As one might expect in this part of the country, the lots were gravel but the roads in the park were paved. Our lot was not level, and depending how I parked it would have been 2-3 inches off side to side but I managed to get it around 1.5 inches and roll up on the trusty 2×6 blocks and it did okay.

The showers and bathrooms are dated but clean although they had a peculiar smell of some kind of detergent I couldn’t place. The pool is nice but not fancy, and they had a small hot tub too. At least they had them open, some places thought it was “too cold” to have their pools open since it was only 68-ish during the day.

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