Faria Beach Campground in Ventura, California

Outside Starbucks in Bakersfield, ready to head out

After our grueling 126 mile drive from Bakersfield (which by the way isn’t worth stopping at) we settled in at the Faria Beach Campground just outside of Ventura. It’s a small campground, something like 42 sites but it does not feel that big. Good thing it’s empty because it if was full it would feel really crowded.

First spot in from the beach

We decided to not do the full hook up since that costs quite a bit more, something like $15/night, and we don’t really need it for a couple nights especially if the weather is warmer. Ironically, it is raining and this place feels more like the Oregon coast than it does California. Tomorrow is supposed to be better and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The location of our camp site is fantastic though, one could not ask for a better spot and view.

Candlelight dinner
View from the door

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  1. Looks good to me! Too bad about the rain, but that will pass. I’m in Texas visiting family. My brother has a several-year-old Chevy Duramax diesel pickup for sale. Should I but that to pull the Airstream I don’t have? Back in Oregon Tuesday…Rusty

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