Valley of the Sun / Ramada Hotel RV Park in Phoenix

When we first got to Phoenix we were looking for a place to spend a month and had heard of the Valley of the Sun RV park, aka the Ramada Hotel RV Park on the border of Peoria and Glendale so we decided to check it out.

We didn’t stay here. The area was pretty much industrial / heavy commercial with nothing to walk to, and the area was not that great. The park itself was not very nice either. While they do offer access to all the Ramada Hotel amenities, the park looked like it was in disrepair. There was caution tape around what looked to be the laundry or restroom facilities, the asphalt was very rough with big potholes in patches, and there was no gate or office. I was concerned that it would not be very safe to leave anything out if you weren’t here, such as camp chairs, table, etc.

It seems like it’s an afterthought for the hotel. My guess is that Ramada bought the property with the park already built out and they continue running the RV park because it would be a waste not to, but their focus is far from RVers. I don’t remember the exact rate off hand, but I want to say their daily rate was around $32/night. Their website is of no help at all, and should be a big sign of how low on their priority list the park is.

The place was pretty much completely empty other than maybe 5 or 6 rigs. No one looked like they were set up for staying very long, and there was no grass, tables, trees or anything else besides gravel separating the spaces from each other. While the spots were paved, the paving is very worn and has a lot of holes – it would have been better to have well packed and cared for gravel instead.

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