Wells Fargo RV Park in Tombstone, Arizona

We didn’t stay at the Wells Fargo RV Park but I thought I’d grab a few pictures since most of the information we saw online didn’t include any. These are all from the street surrounding the park, which is the closest to downtown Tombstone. It’s literally right there, but Stampede RV Park where we did stay at is only another 2-3 blocks and considering how close the spots are at Wells Fargo, I definitely would consider staying at Stampede instead. These spots are right on top of each other and even without slide-outs you’re going to be looking right at the back of your neighbor’s trailer.

I have no idea what the rates are, and their website is of no help since their ‘rates’ page doesn’t show anything.

They do, however have the only Airstream house addition I have ever seen. It’s actually an Argosy, but still made by Airstream so I figure that counts.

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